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Camelot Theatre's presents


Thursday - August 16, 2007
Film Begins Promptly at 7:30 PM
Camelot Theatres
2300 Baristo Road, Palm Springs, CA
Q&A following the film with Special Guest
Writer/Director/Producer, MICHAEL SCHROEDER

Plummer may have just aced a career-capping performance in his latest film, MAN IN THE CHAIR, written and directed by Michael Schroeder, which has been making the rounds of US and international film festivals.  Plummer plays "Flash" Madden, a retired film gaffer who is the only surviving crew member from the Orson Welles classic CITIZEN KANE.  After a career working with some of Hollywood's greats, Madden is now in his 70s, a drunken shell of a man who holds on to his bitterness and cynicism as protective shields against a Hollywood that no longer values him.  Living out his days in drunken disgust as the Motion Picture Home, Madden seems on a downward spiral until he encounters Cameron Kincaid (played by rising star Michael Angarano), a rebellious 17 year old from a broken home who tries to enlist him in a student film project. At first derisive and then realizing that this may be the road to his own personal salvation, Madden becomes more involved in the student project, a film about how contemporary society marginalizes the elderly.  He enlists the long-out-of-work fellow members of the Motion Picture Home, as well as a celebrated screenwriter who has not been employed in decades (a delicate performance by film veteran M. Emmet Walsh).  The making of the film, and the community that emerges from the collaboration, transforms the lives of all involved, including the young Cameron who learns valuable life lessons from his mentor.  For "Flash", the experience allows him to rediscover his dignity so that he can accept his fate with  peace and tranquility.  … Sandy Mandelberger, Palm Beach FF Online Dailies Editor

Starring:  Christopher Plummer, M. Emmet Walsh, Robert Wagner and Michael Angarano.

Awards:  2007 Method Festival – Won Best Ensemble; 2007 Method Festival – Won Festival Director’s Award; 2007 Palm Beach Int’l Film Fest – Won Best Actor; 2007 Santa Barbara Int’l Film Fest – Won Best American Film.    

Genre:  Comedy / Drama
Runtime:  107 min
Country:  USA

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