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California Premiere

Saturday - January 26, 2008
Doors Open for Complimentary Refreshments at 9:00 AM
Film Begins Promptly at 9:30 AM
Camelot Theatres
2300 Baristo Road, Palm Springs, CA


EDEN is a film about the power of love.  Bashful, fat and asexual, master chef Gregor is a genius whose only desires are food and cooking.  That is, until he meets 5 year old Leonie, a little girl with Down Syndrome, and her married mum Eden whose smile is a touch of heaven.  Leonie and Gregor are friends at first sight, but Gregor and Leonie’s mother take a little longer to hit it off.  The chef falls in love with Eden’s smile and is inspired to culinary creations that are equally heavenly.  Their platonic gourmet meetings jolt both Eden and Gregor out of their humdrum lives, and Eden’s marriage blossoms as a result.  But nothing remains a secret for long in their town, and after Eden’s husband Xaver ex­periences the “cucina erotica” for himself, he feels he is forced to take action or else lose his wife.

"Tiscali Audience Award" & "Lion's Award" Rotterdam 2006, "Grand Prix" 2006

Rotterdam 2006, Berlin 2006 (German Cinema), Munich 2006, Warsaw 2006, Tribeca 2006, Eurasia FF Almaty 2006

Writer/Director: Michael Hoffman
Distributor: The Match Factory
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 98 Minutes
Country: Germany/Switzerland
Language: German w/English Subtitles
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