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Program Presented By:

Camelot Theatres
American Cinematheque
The Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films

Saturday, September 6, 2003

Two Program Performances:

Morning Program

9:00 a.m. - Camelot Theatre Doors Open
Coffee & Muffins Available
9:20 a.m. - Introduction
9:30 a.m. - Film Presentation

Evening Program

6:30 p.m. - Wine & Cheese Reception
7:00 p.m. - Program Begins
Dessert Served following Film Presentation

desertfilmsociety membership card holders will be admitted free to either performance
DFS screening coupons will not be accepted for this event
Please ensure you bring your membership card with you

$15.00 per person for those who are not desertfilmsociety members


Welcome from
Andrew Crane from American Cinematheque
and from

Thomas Harris from the Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films will present a brief overview of
the upcoming Short Film Festival from September 16th to the 22nd, 2003  -

Shorts program introduction by
Roger Gonin, Executive Director of Clermont Ferrand

Best of the 2003 French National Competition Shorts (6 shorts)

"La Boite Noire" (The Black Box) Dir. Angelo Cianci (Experimental Fiction, 15 min.); A woman, despondent over her lover's absence, believes the black screen can bring a loved one back to life.
"Pigly"  Dir. Sandrine Auvertin, Philippe Tailliez (Animation, 7 min.); A pig escapes from the slaughterhouse and is chased by a fearsome robotic guard dog.
"J'attendrai Le Suivant" (I'll Wait For The Next One)  Dir. Philippe Orreindy (Fiction, 4 min.); A man seeks love in the subway.
"Indigen"  Dir. Nicolas Chevallier, Laurent Sauvage, Alexandre Theil & Julien Vanhoenacker (Animation, 6 min.);  It looks like "Tom and Jerry," but it takes place in Africa and there is a lot more blood.
"La Chatte Andalouse" (The Andalusian Cat)  Dir. Gerald Hustache-Mathieu (Fiction, 48 min.); A young nun leads a secret double life.
"La Calvitude" (The Bald Spot) Dir. Julien Weill (Fiction, 18 Min.); Benoit was dumped.  Watch as he slides into a paranoid, comical state.

Best of International Shorts (4 shorts)

"Lift"  Dir. Marc Isaacs (Documentary, 24 min.);  The filmmaker interviews residents in an elevator in a London tower block and creates a humorous and moving portrait of the inhabitants.
"Whizeewhig"  Dir. Chihcheng Peng (Experimental, 3 min.);  A playful examination of how the city works.
"15"  Dir. Royston Tan (Documentary/Fiction, 25 min.);  Inspired by three troubled youths and their escape into numbing worldly pleasures.
"De Beste Gar Forst"  Dir. Hans Petter Moland (Fiction, 9 min.); Eight old-timers come upon a young woman stuck in a swamp.