Saturday, May 20, 2006
Camelot Theatres
9:00 AM - Theatre Doors Open
(Complimentary Coffee/Pastries Provided)
9:20 AM - Introduction
9:30 AM - Film Begins
Q&A Session follows the Screening
with film-maker guests
Lisa France, Director/Writer
Luis Moro, ActorWriter

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Havana lensed Love & Suicide
Love & Suicide, the first all U.S. made narrative feature shot in Cuba since 1959, is directed by Lisa France (known for her debut film, Anne B. Real, which was nominated for two Independent Spirit Awards), and a Luis Moro Production with LAB 601 and Lightstone Entertainment.
Based on true events, the narrative follows Tomas (Kamar de los Reyes) on a journey to Cuba to find the one thing between love and suicide.  While there he encounters Nina (Daisy McCrackin) a world traveling gypsy flower child and Alberto (Luis Moro) a native Cuban taxi driver.  In Havana, Tomas discovers a world of history preserved in time.  Alberto's simple life and philosophy represents peace, clarity and family values for Tomas, forcing him to slow down and listen to himself.  Tomas finally begins to hear the revolution within him at the moment when he decides to choose between love and suicide. 
The film was shot in twelve days in December 2003.  How did an American crew shoot a feature in Cuba?  Easy... Moro submitted Anne B. Real into the Havana International Film Festival. "We went to Cuba legally from JFK airport in NY and came back to the Miami International Airport," Moro recalls.  "We walked in with a camera and a couple of wireless mics and started to roll.  We shot in hotels, bars and on the streets.  It was completely safe."  "It's the ultimate indie film; everyone paid for himself." adds France.
Shot by Demian Lichtenstein, the movie is visually stunning with imagery rarely seen by the U.S. public.  The music is also electrifying with multi-cultural tracks from the Cuban album San Rafael 560, Brazilian singer Rene, as well as the Irish band Leya.  'We truly believe this story, Love & Suicide, has the potential to unite many cultures, ethnicities and nationalities around the world," Moro explains.
RUNNING TIME:  90 Minutes
LANGUAGE:  English
GENRE:  Drama/Romance