July 15, 2006

July 15, 2006 - 9:00 A.M. - Camelot Theatres - Double Feature

The Postwoman
A lonely mail carrier falls for a man (Moshe Ivgi) who has moved into the neighborhood on her route. Intercepting a letter for him from a potential blind date, she decides to begin corresponding with him, under an alias. But how will she reveal herself to him and what will he do when he finds out who she is? A tender love story.

Major Cast:
Orly Zilberschatz-Banai, Moshe Ivgi, Jeramine Unikowski, Orly Tobaly

My Dad is 100 Years Old
“Five years ago, Guy Maddin stole the [Toronto] festival with his six-minute THE HEART OF THE WORLD; this year, the Winnipeg Wonder did it again with the 16-minute MY DAD IS 100 YEARS OLD: Isabella Rossellini’s tenderly eccentric and shrewdly childlike tribute to the founding figure of Italian neorealism.” - J. Hoberman, THE VILLAGE VOICE

Film Info:
Run Time: 16 mins
B&W, In English