September 9, 2006 - 9:00 AM - Camelot Theatres

“Definition of Insanity
Coachella Valley Premiere

This is a film about big dreams and everyday rituals, humiliating defeats and little triumphs, and the inexplicable optimism – some might call it delusion – that keeps us going.

"Robert Margolis --who writes, directs and stars-- takes a stingingly critical look at the self-delusions of a struggling New York thespian, playing the character himself and using his own name.  The low budget indie mockumentary follows him through a heartrending series of failed auditions, tantalizing hopes, and humiliating, botched opportunities.  Margolis is desperate for the break that will catapult him into stardom - and he may actually have the talent to deserve it.  The film's bitterly funny dialogue, plus Margolis' naivete, bullheaded determination, and total lack of responsibility, all add up to a package reminiscent of Robert De Niro's psychotic stand up from “The King of Comedy."   ... The Onion, New York, USA

“…Margolis wears his heart on his frayed sleeve in his unwavering belief that he was born to act.  Brilliant, audacious indie, a collaboration between Margolis and Swiss director Frank Matter, has snagged awards wherever it has played and deserves a theatrical shot.”    … Variety, Los Angeles

  • Best Director -- Chicago Independent Film Festival
  • Best Actor -- Chicago Independent Film Festival
  • Best Actor – Brooklyn International Film Festival
  • Best Feature Film – Newport Beach International Film Festival
  • Special Jury Award – Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival 2005
  • Special Jury Prize: Best Feature Film - Virginia Film Festival
  • Audience Award: Best Feature Film - Virginia Film Festival
  • Rosa Camuna di Bronzo Audience Award – Bergamo Film Meeting 2005, Italy
  • Audience Award for Best Feature Film - Swiss-American Film Festival, NY,
  • Best Feature Film - 35 mm - L.I. International Film Expo, NY
  • Fulbright Fellowship,   Cultural Studies

 21 Film Festivals throughout  the world.

Cameos: Peter Bogdanovich, Jonas Mekas, David Maquiling
Genre:  Drama / Fiction
Runtime:  85 minutes
Language:  English

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