August 19, 2006 - 9:00 AM - Camelot Theatres

“Time to Leave
Coachella Valley Premiere

Warning:  Sexual Content and Nudity

Romain (Melvil Poupaud), a good looking young fashion photographer with a successful career, a cute boyfriend and seemingly everything to live for, collapses during a shoot.  His initial concern that he might have AIDS is obliterated by a diagnosis which reveals a malignant brain tumor.  Faced with the knowledge that he has only a few months to live, he decides to tell no-one except his grandmother (Jeanne Moreau.)  As Romain bears the weight of his knowledge alone, we see him struggle through anger and denial, to reach an acceptance of sorts.  This is the second installment of Director François Ozon’s trilogy about loss and mourning which he began with “Under the Sand” (Sous le Sable.)


Winner Silver Spike – François Ozon – Valladolid International Film Festival – 2005

Winner Best Actor – Melvil Poupaud - Valladolid International Film Festival – 2005


June 2006 –Seattle Film Festival; June 2006 Los Angeles Film Festival; March 2006 –Belfast Film Festival; July 2005 – London Film Festival


“Startling” – The New York Times,  “Dazzles” – Time Out NY,   “Touching” –  Vogue


        Directed & Written by François Ozon (“Swimming Pool”, “8 Women”, “5 X 2”)

Genre:  Drama

Distributor:  Strand Releasing

Runtime:  85 minutes

Language:  French

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