Coachella Valley Premiere –  One Time Screening

In Robert Guédiguian’s taut, internationally acclaimed thriller, set during the French Resistance, Armenian poet Missak Manouchian (Simon Abkarian) and his French wife (Virginie Ledoyen) lead a ragtag assortment of volunteers — Jews, Poles, Hungarians, Italians, Spaniards and Armenians — in an assassination plot against the German occupiers and their French allies.   News of their daring attacks in this clandestine battle against the Nazi occupation, including the assassination of an SS general, eventually reaches Berlin.   

Director: Robert Guédiguian
Writers: Robert Guédiguian, Serge Le Péron, Gilles Taurand
Distributor: Lorber Films
Genre: Drama
Country: France
Runtime: 139 min
Language: French | German w/English subtitles

Rating Advisory: Violence, including torture and vivid scenes of assassinations

FESTIVALS: Cannes Film Festival, France; American Film Market, USA; Göteborg International Film Festival, Sweden; Festival du Film Francophone, Greece; Seattle International Film Festival, USA; Los Angeles Film Festival, USA

AWARDS: Best Music Alexandre Desplat, Étoile d’Or, France

“Army of Crime”: Real inglorious bastards of the Resistance. A French World War II thriller tells the real story of those who fought back, amid a huge majority who didn’t care.

Official Website w/trailer (French)
Trailer w/English subtitles