THE_END_IS_MY_BEGINNING                        U.S. PREMIERE – One Time Screening

A father, a son and the great journey of life.  Tiziano Terzani, long-time Spiegel magazine Asia correspondent and renowned author, invites his son Folco to his retreat, a small mountain village northwest of Florence.  Based on the Terzani’s best-selling book, the story is that of celebrated Italian journalist Tiziano Terzani, who by all records, was an exceptional man. 

He experienced and participated in all of the major events of his lifetime — from the student revolution in Paris in 1968 to Vietnam, Cambodia, China and the fall of the Soviet Union — and moved from being an ideological communist to embracing Gandhian principles and finally, Asian spirituality and meditation.  Terzani is played with characteristic finesse by Bruno Ganz, an actor who recreates his sagely demeanour (white beard, homespun clothes and all) and then compliments it with wit and vulnerability.

Shot at Terzani’s own home in the mountains of Tuscany, the atmosphere of serenity and harmony with nature which director Jo Baier captures through the visuals and the background score ties in beautifully with the protagonist’s preoccupations about the meaning of life.  With supreme self-assurance he tells his son Folco (Elio Germano), “I lived my life with immense intensity. I don’t feel like I missed a thing.  Death really is the only new thing that can happen to me.” … Kucch Luv Jaisaa / Film Impressions

Director:  Jo Baier
Writers:  Folco Terzani, Ulrich Limmer (screenplay)
Runtime:  98 min
Genre:   Drama, Biography 
Distributor:  Beta Cinema
Country:  Germany, Italy
Language:  German, Italian
Rating:  N/R
Starring:  Bruno Ganz, Elio Germano and Erika Pluhar

FESTIVALS:  Berlin International Film Festival

“A quiet, almost documentary chamber play about the art of letting go.  Shot on original locations, it unfolds great, emotional cinema from the power of the images and the words.  Should be seen.” (STERN)

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