MY_BEST_ENEMY_1                                    One Time Screening

Suspense, betrayal, romance and reversed identities are the ingredients that make up MY BEST ENEMY.  A handsomely mounted WWII thriller about a missing Michelangelo painting, the ambitions of a housekeeper’s “Arian” son and his wealthy childhood friend who puts on a SS uniform to save his life and family.

Director:  Wolfgang Murnberger
Writers:  Paul Hengge, Wolfgang Murnberger
Runtime:  106 minutes
Genres:  History, Drama, Comedy
Distributor:  IFC Films
Country:  Austria, Luxembourg
Language:  German w/English Subtitles
Rating: N/R
Starring:  Moritz Bleibtreu, Georg Friedrich and Ursula Strauss

FESTIVALS:  Berlin International Film Festival, Augsburg Filmtage, Germany; Toronto JFF, Canada; Atlanta JFF, Houston JFF, European Union Film Festival, Chicago, Chicago IFF, JFF of Dallas, New Jersey JFF, USA

…  the film does have a refreshingly light quality to it which is unheard of in films dealing with the persecution of the Jews in Nazi-ruled areas of Europe. It doesn’t joke about the situation, but the film is more of a fun drama/thriller than a solemn damnation of the acts.”  David Brook, blueprint:review

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