Coachella Valley Premiere – One Time Screening

Judith is an attractive, level-headed woman in her fifties. She lives alone and regularly treats herself to the sexual services of young men. That's how she meets Patrick, whose kindness and simplicity win her over. This charming young man, whose real name is Marco, only works as an escort to pay the mortgage on the hair salon run by his beloved wife, Fanny.

Starring: Nathalie Baye, Eric Caravaca, Isabelle Carré and Josiane Batasko.
Writer/Director: Josiane Balasko
Distributor: IFC Entertainment
Genre: Drama/Comedy
Run Time: 103 (min)
Country: France
Language: French w/English subtitles
Parents Guide: NR

FESTIVALS: Rome International Film Festival, Italy; Festival du Film Français au Japon, Japan; Festival du Film Francophone, Greece; CPHPIX Festival, Denmark; Seattle International Film Festival, Sundance International Film Festival, USA

"The writing is so good in this film, you'll find yourself switching alliances throughout, agonizing for all sides." Cinebante

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