SHAHADAWest Coast Premiere 
One Time Screening

The fates of three German-born Muslims in Berlin collide as they struggle to find their place between faith and modern life in contemporary western society, caught at a crossroads where alluring liberated lifestyles conflict with deeply-rooted traditions.  Starring: Carlo Ljubek, Jeremias Acheampong and Maryam Zaree


Writers:  Burhan Qurbani, Ole Giec
Director:  Burhan Qurbani
Distributor:  Memento Films International
Genre:  Drama
Runtime: 89 min
Language:  German | English | Turkish
Rating:  Not Rated

FESTIVALS: Germany,  Berlin International Film Festival;  France, Cinessonne Film Festival; Poland, Warsaw Film Festival;  Belgium,  Ghent International Film Festival; Greece, Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Bad Crowd; USA,  Chicago International Film Festival, Boston Muslim Film Festival

AWARDS: Berlin International Film Festival, Prize of the Guild of German Art House Cinemas, Burhan Qurbani; Nominated, Golden Berlin Bear, Burhan Qurbani

 “Thoughtful  mosaic melodrama that has something to say about contemporary Germany and says it very clearly and confidently.”  …. The Flickering Wall

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