* Peru’s Official Submission – Best Foreign Film – Academy Awards 2011 *

Coachella Valley Premiere

With the measured patience of a seasoned filmmaker, writer/director Javier Fuentes Leon’s feature debut is a haunting tribute to the power of the heart and the painful consequences of love denied.  Set in an exotic Peruvian fishing village, the film’s romantic complications, familial assembly and loyalty to tradition evoke Shakespearean themes.

Bound to a tradition that forbids his love for another man, Miguel (Cristian Mercado in a hot-blooded performance) is forced to live a secret life that, when exposed, threatens to dismantle his family and circle of friends.  Miguel’s passionate and steamy affair with local painter Santiago sates his sexual desires, but he is torn between his duty to his wife and his love for Santiago.  After a tragic accident, Miguel must come to terms with his contradicting feelings, building to a bold declaration of love that will set free Santiago and himself, and transform the village.

The turbulent waters and rocky shoreline beautifully echo Miguel’s inner tumult and complement the spare storytelling.  Waves crash incessantly onscreen and off, but it’s the fervent spirit of this film that resonates loudest.  Winner of the World Cinema Audience Award at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.”

-Bryan Stamp, Programmer – OUTFEST 2010


Writer/Director: Javier Fuentes-León
Distributor: Wolfe Releasing
Genre: Drama
Run Time: 100 (min)
Country: Columbia
Language: Spanish w/English subtitles
Parents Guide: NR

FESTIVALS: Sundance Film Festival, USA; Sebastián Film Festival, Spain; Miami Film Festival, USA

AWARDS: Sundance Film Festival , Audience Award , World Cinema – Dramatic, Javier Fuentes-León; Miami Film Festival, Audience Award, Javier Fuentes-León; San Sebastián International Film Festival, Ibero-American Competition, Sebastian Award, Javier Fuentes-León, Frameline 34, Outstanding First Feature  

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